Valentine’s Day

31 Jan

A friend just sent us a link to a page on the Williams Sonoma website. Looks like WS is offering pie pops for Valentine’s Day. And it’s a great idea! We think so too! Here’s what’s not so great: for about $30 WS will ship a mere six pops from a bakery in California. One week later, you can expect them to arrive. Customers are advised to freeze the pops if they won’t be eating them within a few days, then thaw and eat. The word “fresh” does not, in fact, come to mind. Friends, do not commit this sin against pastry. We beg of you.

If you really want to show someone your love, allow us to deliver a dozen FRESH, flaky, pops to your sweetie just hours after we pull the pastries out of the oven, not days and certainly not weeks later. Choose from luscious apple, decadent maple pecan, or spicy lemon ginger, or mix flavors within each dozen. We’ll tie each box with beautiful satin ribbon, and of course include a note with your personalized message.

$45 includes: one dozen delicious pie pops, gift wrapping, note card, and delivery on February 14th (or the day of your choosing).



Cheap Tart


National Pie Day, January 23rd!

13 Jan

Not that you needed an excuse, but January 23rd is National Pie Day, and we’d say that’s as good a day as you’re gonna get for ordering up some Cheap Tart goodness. The 23rd is a Monday. You know what would make your co-workers happy on a Monday? Pie. You know what would make your significant other happy on a Monday? Pie. Heck, if your pooch is anything like Connie here, a pie pop will make her Monday a little more wonderful, too.

Connie’s owners (for whose wedding we are proud to be providing pie this summer) sent along this picture, and it’s too darn cute to keep to ourselves. We’re naming Connie our Pie Pup of the Month, by the way.

Call us to order! 773.344.1998. Our menu is on the website, for your viewing pleasure.


Cheap Tart

Christmas Goose (pot pies)!

14 Dec

Tomorrow’s a big day–we’re picking up our geese from Caveny Farm! Connie was lovely enough to bring them into the city for us, and we’re so stoked to start cooking with this delicious heritage poultry. We’ll be making limited edition pot pies for Hanukkah and Christmas, so make sure to order early. We’ll be roasting our geese, then adding the meat to a savory sauce with a blend of organic fall veg, fresh herbs, and a splash of cream. The pastry for these is our cream cheese and thyme pastry, flaky beyond belief. Order a 5″ or 9″ pie for delivery through the 24th.

773.344.1998 or


Cheap Tart


Special for Hanukkah: Rugelach!

29 Nov

(ROOG-uh-la, roughly). There are no rules stating this cross between a cookie and a pastry is strictly a treat for the holidays, but we can’t think of a better time to indulge, plus these delicious little crescents make really fabulous gifts. We’re offering two flavors: Classic (with dried fruit, toasted nuts, and apricot preserves) and Chocolate (replace the dried fruit with chopped dark chocolate). Rugelach make perfect afternoon tea and coffee accompaniments, or serve them as a simple dessert with your favorite after dinner sipper or a tiny cup of espresso.

Rugelach right out of the oven!


18 pieces for $30 or 36 pieces for $50.


Cheap Tart

Let the holiday planning begin!

27 Nov

Greetings from Cheap Tart! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you to all who called to order pies. Our apologies to those we were unable to accommodate last week. If we could, we’d have made sure there was a Cheap Tart pie on every table. Alas.

It’s cold and miserable out, but that’s the perfect time to get cozy with our new menu for the holidays. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, too, for special limited edition treats. We’ll have sweet and savory specials for Hanukkah and Christmas. Specials will be announced in advance to give everyone a chance to place orders.

Looking forward to being part of your holiday celebrations.


Cheap Tart

Chicago, get your Thanksgiving pies!

16 Nov

Thanksgiving already?! Yep! If you haven’t had time to order your pies, we’ll be taking orders until Friday at 5 p.m.

Our Thanksgiving flavors are: Pumpkin, Maple Pecan, Apple, and Ginger Cream (so, so good).

Just email and tell us what you’d like. We’ll deliver to your door on the 23rd, and you’re good to go come Thursday festivities. Treat yourself, your friends and family to something special: Pies made with real butter, organic fruit and dairy. We make everything from scratch, by hand, with love. Really.

Delivery is free for orders of $40 or more! If you live outside of the city and would like to pick your pies up from us on the 23rd we can make special arrangement.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Cheap Tart

Cheap Tart Takes Home the Blue Ribbon!

19 Oct

Last Sunday marked the 7th annual Bucktown Apple Pie Contest, a pie-filled fundraiser for Holstein Park. It also marked the first year the organizers included a Professional Division, and sixteen local bakeries from around town threw their pies into the ring, as it were, to see who would take home the title of Best Apple Pie in Chicago. Well, we’re very proud to announce that Cheap Tart brought home the First Place blue ribbon! We would also like to congratulate Alison Summy, winner of the Amateur Division, who beat out roughly 150 competing pies. Way to go, Alison!

If you missed the contest and want to try some Cheap Tart pie for yourself, place an order at 773.344.1998 or email us at We deliver, and we don’t disappoint!


Cheap Tart